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Colorful Pastries


BerréClaire is a specialty bakery and dessert shop committed to serving North Carolina with the freshest baked goods. Amber Woodard founded the brand in hopes of channeling her love for baking and creating innovative dessets. Right from her home kitchen, she leverages her Texas roots and experience as a dessert enthusiast to bring you something new. Since then, she has strived to cultivate a brand that brings families together. Our baked goods are a wonderful addition for any special occasion from holidays, parties, graduations, and much more.


We make our collection with a keen eye for detail. Everything is baked to perfection. Our collection includes cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pastries, chocolate dipped treats, and much more! We treat our freshly baked delicacies with love. We are passionate about baking innovative products that taste great and make every eating experience more satisfying. We will never compromise our quality or family values, and we will work each day to exceed customer expectations in one order at a time. Come down to BerréClaire and sample the hype for yourself. Our curated collection may change seasonally, but the quality and taste never fade.


To foster an environment that can be a source of pride for the community.

BerréClaire is a centerpiece of this place we call home. With each personalized sugary delight delivery, you’ll feel the warm embrace and lore of our neighborhood atmosphere. We want to cultivate the feeling of family. Food has been used to forge relationships for hundreds of years. We encourage you to be a part of our tradition of serving great tasting food and bringing the joy of eating to everyone.


To craft specialty treats that bring people together. Our goal is to be a pillar in the community by serving our client’s ever-growing needs. From fresh, daily pastries to desserts for any intimate occasion, we make each selection by hand using real, authentic ingredients. We are constantly working towards facilitating and promoting personal growth and professional development within our team. We are eager to collaborate with others to constantly evolve. It is through these genuine engagements and connections that we develop mutually beneficial relationships that can propel customer satisfaction.

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